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2023 Automotive Chip Industry Conference opens in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2023-12-06

The 2023 Automotive Chip Industry Conference opened in Beijing's E-Town on Nov 28. 

The three-day conference featured in-depth discussions and exchanges on industry hot topics. The event also presented awards for the four major categories of the "Chip to E-Town" 2023 Automotive Chip Competition.

The Director of the Administrative Committee of Beijing E-Town stated that the integrated circuit industry, automotive industry, high-end manufacturing, and financial support constitute the four major pillars supporting the development of high-end automotive and new energy intelligent connected vehicle industries in the area. 

He emphasized that Beijing E-Town is actively building industrial and natural ecological advantages, seeking more like-minded partners among upstream and downstream enterprises to promote a positive cycle of industrial ecology. 

Additionally, there are plans to advance the construction of the Beijing Motorsports Park, which is expected to start next year, creating a venue for genuine "driving" experiences. Leveraging the service team with the theme of "one industry, one specialized class, one platform," Beijing E-Town will provide comprehensive support and guarantee for the development of the automotive chip industry. 

During the conference, industry experts and company representatives delivered keynote speeches on market analysis and predictions in the automotive-grade chip industry, car manufacturers venturing into chip production, and on topics such as autonomous driving chips. 

Awards were presented during the "Chip to E-Town" 2023 Automotive Chip Competition ceremony, including the 2023 China Automotive Chip Industry Influence Figure Award, the 2023 Automotive Chip Top 50, the 2023 Most Promising Award, and the 2023 Best Partner Award. 

Driven by the dual forces of electrification and intelligence in the automotive sector, the demand for automotive-grade chips has significantly increased. 

Capitalizing on policy support and the background of chip shortages, Beijing E-Town initiated the "Chip to E-Town" project, which includes the 2023 Automotive Chip Competition, the 2023 Automotive Chip Industry Conference, discussions on hot topics, innovation salons, closed-door workshops, and the release of the chip industry report. 

This project aims to strengthen and attract more companies to the automotive chip industry, creating more opportunities and partnerships, and further promoting the independent and controllable development of the automotive chip industrial chain.

The conference was guided by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Administrative Committee, and the Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, organized by the Beijing E-Town Administrative Committee, and collaborated in by the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center.