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GDTE showcases E-Town's achievements in building data foundation pilot zone

Updated: 2023-11-28

The second Global Digital Trade Expo (GDTE) was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center from Nov 23 to 27. 

Shangyicheng (Beijing) Technology and Culture Group Co showcased three major exhibits, representing the achievements of the Beijing Data Foundation Pilot Zone.

As China's only national, international and professional exhibition with a focus on digital trade, the GDTE carries the mission of discussing, building, and sharing new opportunities for global digital trade development. 

This year's expo adopted a layout of one comprehensive hall, two featured halls, and four digital industry halls, showcasing representative achievements across a total area of 100,000 square meters.


Evolver chess robot [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Walking into the exhibition halls, a screen displaying the words "Seeing the Future, Opening a New Era of Digital Economy" attracted people to explore further. 

This exhibition is a digital asset circulation platform aiming to establish itself as a globally leading platform for trading data and digital derivatives. 

Inside a glass showcase was the silver Chain of Chang'an – an advanced computing power server, which provides a self-controllable trusted execution environment for achieving "invisible but usable data". 

A chessboard was also set up, and the Evolver Chess Robot enthralled visitors who came and competed.

Data elements are new means of production. Shangyicheng Group has taken the lead in building a "platform with one blockchain underlying platform and three systems" composed of a middle-tier system, scenario application system, and transaction supervision system to realize such services as data asset rights confirmation, registration, evaluation, circulation, trading, and custody, and to construct a complete operational ecosystem for data assetization.

Computing power is a new productive force. Through the display of the Chain of Chang'an advanced computing power server, it is evident that Beijing E-town has made significant efforts in its layout of computing power. This year, the area took the lead in launching the first integrated construction project of "computing power resources + operation services + scenario application" in China. 

Among them, the computing power scheduling service platform, located in the National Information Technology Application Innovation Park of E-town is building a 1000P-scale public artificial intelligence computing center, which is planned to be operational early next year.