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Beijing E-Town outlines three goals, six actions by 2025

Updated: 2023-11-22

To enhance the comprehensive capacity of E-Town New Area and accelerate high-quality development, Beijing E-Town has formulated the next phase of its work plan with three main goals and six key actions by 2025.

Three main goals:

The support for national strategic tasks will be further highlighted, with plans to layout and construct a number of national major industry innovation platforms.

The improvement of economic development benefits: by 2025, the proportion of the total industrial output value of scale-above industries in the entire city will exceed 25 percent; the overall labor productivity will reach around 650,000 yuan ($91,659.67) per person; and the number of national high-tech enterprises will exceed 2,300.

The driving force for regional coordinated development will be further enhanced.

Six key actions and 22 tasks:

The action to upgrade industrial capabilities, accelerating the construction of world-class innovation industrial clusters. 

This includes creating an internationally competitive integrated circuit industry; the high-level construction of the national innovation base for information and communications; completing the construction of the 3.0 stage of the high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone; and establishing six billion-level industrial clusters, including next-generation information technology and new energy intelligent connected vehicles. 

The action to optimize the innovation ecosystem, constructing an innovation ecosystem with enterprises as the main body. Cooperation will be strengthened with the three national laboratories of the three major science cities, achieving the transfer of more than 500 projects from the three science cities to Beijing E-Town.

The action to empower reforms and overcome obstacles, stimulating the vitality of market entities. A batch of integrated service scenarios will be implemented, and the full coverage of "one integrated license" will be achieved.

The action for open collaboration and mutual benefit, creating a new highland for high-level opening to the outside world. Deep collaboration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei will be promoted, leading enterprises will be guided to increase their procurement of supply chain products in Tianjin and Hebei province, and the layout of relevant industrial chains in Tianjin and Hebei province will be supported.

The action for green and low-carbon transformation, cultivating new momentum for green development. A green and low-carbon industrial system will be constructed and a batch of "zero-carbon workshops" and "zero-carbon factories" will be created.

The action to create a new quality city, constructing an international first-class high-end industrial city. A model smart city will be created, with new infrastructure such as cloud, network, and computing power being deployed.