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BHAP establishes headquarters in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2023-11-14

Another leading automotive parts enterprise recently established its headquarters in Beijing E-Town. 

Located at No 7 Xinghai Third Street, Hexi district, Xinliji Park witnessed the headquarters inauguration ceremony of the Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co (BHAP), along with its three subsidiary companies.


Surroundings of Xilijin Park [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn] 

"The park was completed in 2012, and with the transformation and upgrading of industries in the area, the original vacuum glass factory was vacated. We revitalized and updated it through a platform repurchase method," said Qin Yuangao, deputy general manager of the Beijing E-Town Urban Renewal Co.

Based on the advantageous location of the park, being over 1 kilometer from the Beijing Mercedes-Benz complete vehicle factory and surrounded by automotive upstream and downstream enterprises, the company positions this project as a high-end automotive and new energy intelligent connected vehicle industrial park.

While searching for a factory location for its new production line within the area, BHAP was attracted by the location advantages and plant conditions, leading to a collaboration with E-Town Urban Renewal and selecting Xinliji Park.


The newly-transformed Xinliji Park [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

E-Town Urban Renewal undertook the overall renovation and improvement in fundamental supporting aspects, such as small municipal facilities, electromechanical energy, plane reconstruction, facade image, and the landscape environment. 

It also customized transformations to meet BHAP's requirements for convenient logistics, green, and low-carbon solutions.


The newly-transformed Xinliji Park [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Walking through the park now, from the newly added metallic grey suspended gate on the east side to the newly laid spacious asphalt road, and to the factory's winter temperature being maintained at no less than 12 degrees Celsius - all details convey the meticulous and considered renovation of the park.

Moreover, E-Town Urban Renewal has widened the original 4-meter-wide road to 6 meters and upgraded the ordinary road surface, which could only bear about 10 tons, to a heavy-duty road surface capable of bearing about 40 tons.

In addition, to meet the constant temperature and low-carbon environmental protection needs of the incoming enterprise, the geothermal heat pump was replaced, and an air-source heat pump was added to achieve a 60 percent clean energy usage requirement.

As an international and comprehensive automotive parts group, BHAP ranks 37th in the global automotive parts supplier list and fourth among Chinese automotive parts enterprises.

"Going forward, we will provide more distinctive services, responding within one hour, resolving small matters within a day, and major matters within three days." added Qin.