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E-Town intelligent driving expands overseas

Updated: 2023-11-09

From attracting enterprises to promoting the "going global" of technology products, the high-end automobile and new energy intelligent automobile industry in Beijing E-Town is entering a new era.

"The significance of signing a strategic cooperation agreement with overseas partners is not just about adding more overseas orders," said Li Chenfeng, general manager of TriNova.

The significance, perhaps, reflects the transformation of Chinese companies in gaining control of autonomous technology. 

TriNova focuses on independent innovation in the field of wire-controlled chassis. It has formed stable relationships with more than 30 domestic OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and has obtained overseas orders through the expansion of these OEMs' overseas markets. 

However, what's different this time is that TriNova will export complete sets of self-developed equipment for the vehicle stability control system (ESC) to overseas partners for the first time. 

A futuristic full-size pickup concept car attracted much attention at the Tokyo Motor Show recently. It is based on the electric platform developed independently by IAT Automobile Technology. 

YAMATO・INDUSTRY and IAT jointly appeared to exhibit new electric commercial vehicles and full-size pickup concept cars planned to be introduced into the Japanese market in the future.

As an automobile design and development company, IAT has taken root and grown in Beijing E-Town. It possesses abundant knowledge and experience in electric vehicle development in both the Chinese and Japanese markets. In 2022, it began capital business cooperation with YAMATO INDUSTRY.

In addition, BAIC New Energy and Japanese company TURING recently signed a letter of intent for cooperation. The two parties will provide advanced intelligent driving products for the Japanese market and explore the commercialization of autonomous driving technology in the Japanese market. 

Facing the overseas market, autonomous driving companies are also striving to keep up.

After signing a cooperation agreement with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office of the United Arab Emirates, Pony.ai recently received a $100 million investment from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's NEOM and its investment fund NIF, and is continuing to advance autonomous driving and build along the Belt and Road and global layouts.

According to the latest development, Pony.ai and NEOM plan to establish a joint venture in NEOM, located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. In the future, the joint venture company will carry out autonomous driving research, development and manufacturing in NEOM and even in the Middle East and North Africa region. It will also deploy autonomous driving service fleets and intelligent vehicle-related infrastructure.