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Beijing E-Town accelerates construction of benchmark incubators

Updated: 2023-10-25

Beijing E-Town recently announced the list of proposed certified companies (second batch) to become E-Town New Area incubators (technology enterprise incubators). 

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co. and Beijing New Energy Automotive Technology Innovation Center Co. successfully made the list. 

Combined with General Electric Healthcare (China) Co, which was certified in the first batch this April, Beijing E-Town has certified three companies to become district-level technology enterprise incubators.

For district-level technology enterprise incubators that have obtained certification, Beijing E-Town provides such policy support as: a maximum of three years of rent exemption subsidies; a one-time reward of up to 1 million yuan ($136,694.18) for carriers obtaining qualifications at the municipal or national level; a maximum of 2 million yuan in annual financial support for the purchase and maintenance of platform equipment; and a reward of up to 300,000 yuan for investment in incubation activities.

The Beijing International Life Sciences Innovation Park, supported by AstraZeneca, focuses on the fields of medical devices, diagnostics, and digital technology, and provides a one-stop service that covers project landing, innovation incubation, business acceleration, and scaling for innovative enterprises in related fields at home and abroad. 

At present, the Beijing International Life Sciences Innovation Park has a total of nine companies in the fields of AI pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine CRO, and more, as well as two international cooperation partners and one company awaiting registration and signing.

NEVC is involved in the forward-looking technology fields of the new energy automobile industry, and focuses on four major directions: automotive chips and electronics, automotive software toolchain and digital technology, next-generation automotive energy storage technology, and advanced electric drive and next-generation chassis.

To date, in this fiscal year, six science and technology startups incubated by NEVC have settled in Beijing E-Town. It is expected that by year’s end, the number of incubated companies realizing industrial transformation and the operation of research and development centers within the area will increase to at least nine.

The first medical and health technology enterprise incubator in the area, GE Healthcare Innovation Incubation Carrier, was officially launched in April. 

Relying on GE Healthcare's product design and research and development capabilities in China and Beijing's imaging equipment manufacturing base, it focuses on projects related to collaborative research and development between industry, academia, and research in the medical field, advanced manufacturing, and lean operations.

Currently, Beijing E-Town has incubated five national-level incubators, six municipal-level incubators, and three district-level incubators, connecting the chain of "mass innovation space-incubator-accelerator-science and technology industrial park".