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Beijing E-Town innovate government services

Updated: 2023-10-20

To optimize the business environment, various departments in Beijing E-Town are taking multiple measures to provide convenient government services.

One-stop integrated services accelerate project implementation

"In the past, we had to visit several departments, but now, we can simply submit our materials at the comprehensive service window of the government service center, saving time and effort," said Pan Yixin, a staff member of Beijing IDO Dimension Culture Communication Co said after submitting materials on Aug 21. 

This is the first case handled since the implementation of the "one-stop" integrated service for large events in Beijing E-Town and also one of the first cases in Beijing.

Talent policies sparks innovation and entrepreneurship

The release of the "Ten Measures for Talent" 2.0 version enhances the happiness and sense of belonging of corporate talents. 

Additionally, it has a positive impact on enterprise services in the park and promotes investment and entry of enterprises in the park.

Innovation consortium promotes scientific research achievements transformation

The Beijing Municipal Metaverse Industry Innovation Center was first established during the Internet 3.0 Summit Forum of the 2023 Global Digital Economy Conference.

The center focuses on six major tasks: technology, applications, scenarios, data, standards and patents, and governance. 

It organizes related companies such as rendering engines, digital characters, digital spaces, and XR devices to create an open-source editing tool.

Business welcome center improves service efficiency


A view of the Beijing E-Town Business Welcome Center [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

During the process of starting our business, we benefited from Beijing E-Town's 'free living space' policy, which provided us with a free registered address, reducing the cost of starting a business"; such were the views of many business persons as they praised the Beijing E-Town Business Welcome Center.

As a one-stop entry service integration platform created by Beijing E-Town, the business welcome center provides high-standard government services such as guiding and connecting investment intentions, interpreting policies for businesses and talents, and facilitating communication between the government and enterprises. 

By the end of August, the center had received more than 600 phone consultations, and over 200 on-site consultations, and 310 businesses had used the no-charge living space for registration. Furthermore, 23 policy interpretation meetings were held for over 500 businesses.

Community service stations facilitate residents

To provide government services at residents' doorstep, the integrated construction of 16 community government service stations on Ronghua Street and Boxing Street in Beijing E-Town has been mostly completed. 

Some communities are equipped with self-service terminals to provide personalized services to residents through intelligent means.