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'2+X' policy in eyes of foreign enterprises

Updated: 2023-10-12

Beijing E-Town released a series of policies recently to support the high-quality development of foreign-invested enterprises and introduced 20 measures for foreign investment services, offering a policy system of "2 (policies + measures) + X (support item list)" to foreign companies.

Zheng Zhisong, head of Schneider Electric's E-Town branch, commented on the policy, emphasizing the incentives for the construction of international industrial parks and foreign investment research and development centers. 

In 1997, Schneider Electric's Beijing Industrial Park was established through a joint effort with the Beijing E-Town. In 2021, Schneider Electric's China Software Research and Development Center also found its home in the area. In the third quarter of this year, Schneider Electric's AI Innovation Lab was officially launched in the development area.

The release of these policies further optimizes the investment and business environment for foreign enterprises within the area, boosting Schneider Electric's confidence in its continued development in Beijing E-Town.

Huang Bin, vice president of AstraZeneca China stated that the recently launched policies to support the high-quality development of foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing E-Town consider foreign investors' needs and natural advantages from multiple perspectives, including talent, international services, and industry upgrades. 

China is AstraZeneca's second-largest global market, and Beijing E-Town is home to AstraZeneca's northern China headquarters. They intend to seize this favorable policy opportunity to further deepen their cooperation with Beijing E-Town.

Li Zhongqiu, general manager of Faurecia Exhaust Systems (Beijing) Co, reflected on their experience since establishing their presence in Beijing E-Town in June 2012 as a French-owned company. 

They have appreciated the robust foreign investment policies and the well-established business environment in the development area. 

Especially since starting the China VI Emission Standard Automotive Aftertreatment Technology Upgrading project in 2019, they received significant assistance and support from the development area throughout the project's approval and implementation, providing comprehensive, personalized support. The company plans to expand new projects and increase production value in the coming years.

Liu Dongmei, finance director of Cummins Emission Solutions (China) Co, highlighted the significance of the policy regarding "support for the establishment of foreign-invested research and development centers." 

Cummins began its operations in Beijing E-Town in 2008 and achieved rapid growth, going from zero to a 1 billion yuan ($13.7 million) business scale in just six years. They have been particularly focused on developing their research and development capabilities. 

With the continuous expansion of Cummins China's emission solutions business in the domestic market, the company has increased the R&D investment and cultivated a mature R&D team.