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E-Town's double festival cultural activities revealed

Updated: 2023-09-25

The full list of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday cultural activities for Beijing E-Town residents has been unveiled recently, with more than 40 events ready to go online and offline.

When the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the National Day holiday, and during the Dadu Dongnan Science and Art Festival and the 15th Cultural and Art Festival, a symphony concert that combines symphony, chorus, poetry, and other forms of performances will be held.

Artists will be invited to visit Beijing E-Town, allowing E-Town residents to enjoy this cultural feast at their doorstep.

Meanwhile, communities and businesses in the area will invite professional actors and local cultural talents to perform a variety of cultural shows.

Offline performances are diverse, and online activities are unique. 

During this period, the Yongkang Apartment Workers' Union Service Station will hold a poetry reading, inviting participating teams to record recitation works, complete the submission, voting, and exhibition of works online. 

Ronghua Street will conduct activities such as knowledge popularization, fun games, and work collection through online H5.

Making mooncakes, crafting lanterns, and hosting a garden party... During the double festival period, most of the streets and communities in Beijing E-Town have prepared rich and interesting celebration activities. 

Ronghua and Boxing streets will each hold different themed cultural activities before the festival, and increase neighborhood interaction, creating a warm, civilized and harmonious holiday atmosphere.

Watching performances, reciting poems, and participating in DIY activities... Employees of companies in Beijing E-Town will also have the opportunity to take part in holiday activities tailored for them.

Before the double festivals, the Zhongxin Huayuan community in Boxing Street will launch the "Write the Same Character Together" activity, calling on calligraphy enthusiasts in the area to participate. 

Ronghua Street has designed a themed evening party and an immersive Mid-Autumn garden activity to celebrate the festival. 

Through offering traditional cultural experiences, scene evening parties, and the creation of an on-site "Jade Rabbit on the Moon" light show, it will provide residents with a traditional and fashionable interactive activity for the Mid-Autumn Festival, aiming to inherit the outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese nation and promote traditional festival culture.

According to statistics, during this year's Mid-Autumn festival and National Day holiday period, Beijing E-Town will launch 28 cultural activities and 41 events, expected to be attended by tens of thousands of participants.