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Beijing E-Town builds global hub of 'intelligent manufacturing of new medicines'

Updated: 2023-09-13

As the host of the first International Biomedical Industry Innovation Conference Beijing Forum (IBIIC · BJF), Beijing E-Town has been accelerating the construction of a global hub of intelligent manufacturing of new medicines since it released a series of policies in the field of biopharmaceuticals this February.


Visitors view exhibitions at the first International Biomedical Industry Innovation Conference Beijing Forum (IBIIC · BJF). [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Data shows that in 2022, the area had a total of 27 first-class innovative drugs approved for phase I clinical trials, accounting for 43.55 percent of the total in the city and ranking first.

Continuous expansion of the industrial ecosystem

With policies as a driving force, Beijing E-Town expanded its ecosystem this February during the global "Intelligent Manufacturing of New Medicines” Partner Conference. The area signed contracts with 22 companies, with a cumulative investment of over 10 billion yuan ($1.37 billion).

As the policy dividends continued to be released, Beijing E-Town, during the IBIIC · BJF, received additional investments from several global leading pharmaceutical companies. 

Collaborative innovation partnership projects, cutting-edge technology cooperation projects, advantage platform cooperation projects...a total of 18 projects across these three categories were signed in the area, with a total investment of nearly 3 billion yuan.

Comprehensive empowerment through policy packages

Following the release of a three-year action plan and the establishment of the "1+N" policy system, Beijing E-Town initiated various application processes, including the "2022 Innovative Drug R&D Incentive Awards," "2022 High-End Medical Equipment R&D Incentive Awards," and "2022 Pharmaceutical and Health Enterprise Financing Lease Subsidies," to support the development of biopharmaceutical companies at various stages.

Additionally, area, as a pilot in the biopharmaceutical industry, formally released the list of support policies for biotechnology and health industry enterprises after a thorough analysis, dissection, and reconstruction. 

This list is divided into three parts: main policy list, special industry policies, and support measures list, encompassing a total of 25 main policies and detailing 91 refined support measures.

Currently, within the 225-square-kilometer area of E-Town New Area, more than 4,200 companies in the biotechnology and health industry have gathered, covering key aspects of the entire industry chain, including innovation research and development, technology transfer, and industrialization.