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1,047 talents receive subsidies and rewards amounting to 96m yuan

Updated: 2023-09-13

"I've been in Beijing E-Town for over a decade, and I genuinely feel the strong atmosphere of respecting and valuing talents here. The policies in various aspects provide solid support for talents to live and work comfortably here," said Li Chao, deputy general manager of Beijing Union-Genius Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co.

Beijing E-Town issued measures for supporting innovative entrepreneurship of high-end industry talents in Beijing E-Town in August 2020. The support was known as the "Ten Measures for Talent." 

These measures include the establishment of special rewards for "top talents" receiving rewards on a case-by-case basis, and "outstanding talents" and "leading talents" receiving corresponding reward funds or welfare subsidies. Li Chao was recognized as a "Leading Talent in Scientific and Technological Innovation" and is eligible to receive a total of 500,000 yuan ($68,627.5) over three calendar years.

According to the regulations of the "Ten Measures for Talent," those who meet the criteria of being an outstanding talent, and are working or starting a business full-time in the area, a total reward fund of 1 million yuan is provided over three years. 

For talents recognized as leading talents in the area, a standard reward fund of 500,000 yuan is provided over three years. Eligible outstanding talents in Beijing E-Town can also receive an annual housing rental subsidy of 24,000 yuan for three consecutive years.

Over the past three years, Beijing E-Town has disbursed a total of 96 million yuan in reward subsidies to 1,047 talents. 

"In addition to providing substantial reward funds and subsidies to talents, we are actively exploring talent service models. Through the establishment of talent service special platforms by the Talent Development Group, we are enhancing the happiness and sense of fulfillment of talents in the area from various dimensions, such as clothing, food, housing, and transportation. We also provide talents with opportunities for communication through industry salons, forums, and other activities," according to the Organization and Personnel Department of the Beijing E-Town Working Committee.

Recently, the "Ten Measures for Talent 2.0" has been released as an upgrade to the 1.0 version. The 2.0 version focuses on empowering employers, supporting them in attracting high-end innovative entrepreneurial elements, enhancing their ability to gather top talents and intellectual resources, and providing high-quality talent service guarantees. It aims to elevate the level of policy support and create a talent attraction field with top competitiveness.