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Exploring talent ecosystem of Beijing E-Town from HICOOL 2023

Updated: 2023-08-29

As a series of talent service ecosystems continue to improve, the ongoing HICOOL 2023 Global Entrepreneurs Summit has reached historic highs in terms of entrepreneurial projects and talent. The distinctive and advantageous talent policies of Beijing E-Town are also capturing the attention of global entrepreneurs.

In Beijing E-Town, an average of four talents are hired every hour. The total number of talents has reached 400,000, maintaining rapid growth year after year. The talent contribution rate is 7.35 percentage points higher than the city's average.

In September 2020, Beijing E-Town introduced 10 policies for talents in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship: awards, support, training, services, housing, medical care, education, household registration, travel, and reputation. A total of 515 million yuan ($70.64 million) in reward funds has been granted.


Visitors view the exhibition area of Beijing E-Town. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

In five high-precision and advanced industries such as integrated circuits and new energy intelligent connected vehicles, specialized agencies have been established. 

A special fund of 500 million yuan is set up annually for technological innovation investment, guiding social capital to focus on advantageous industries and core areas, and supporting the cultivation of innovative talent and entrepreneurial projects.

"The longer I live and work in Beijing E-Town, the more I feel there is great potential here," said Wan Jie, executive director of UW-Robotics. 

In 2022, the company successfully applied for subsidies for newly established enterprises, which boosted the company's development. This March, UW-Robotics's high-precision, highly flexible intelligent assembly and testing project received Beijing E-Town's recognition as the first piece (set) of crucial high-tech equipment. 

Wan Jie and his family have also started a happy life in the Yicheng International Apartment.


Interior decorations of the Yicheng International Apartment [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

While creating smart international talent apartments, building a new type of shared space that integrates living, working, socializing, and life for high-end talents within the area, Beijing E-Town also provides the best education at the doorstep, establishing a comprehensive education system from kindergarten to high school. 


Tongren Hospital in Beijing E-Town [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The advanced educational concepts, rich curriculum, and excellent teaching staff from prestigious schools are introduced into Beijing E-Town. The regional healthcare system has also improved continuously, which involves integrating existing resources and introducing high-quality medical resources such as Tongren Hospital and Oriental Hospital.