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Making computing power services as convenient as using water, electricity

Updated: 2023-07-10

The "Intelligent Empowerment of the Intelligent Connected Industry" forum of the 2023 Global Digital Economy Conference was held in Beijing E-Town on July 6. 

During the forum, the Beijing E-Town Institute of Intelligent Cities was organized to launch the Public Intelligent Computing Power Center and the online release ceremony of the Computing Power Scheduling Service Platform. The twin launch was conducted in collaboration with China Telecom, JD, Huawei, Alibaba, Sugon, and Tencent. 


The Public Intelligent Computing Power Center and the Computing Power Scheduling Service Platform are launched in Beijing E-Town on July 6. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The project plans to construct a new type of computing power infrastructure for the digital economy era by establishing one public intelligent computing power center, one computing power scheduling service platform, and one computing power industry technology alliance.

The launch and construction of the Public Intelligent Computing Power Center will rely on the advantages of the local Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI) industry. 

The center will provide high-quality services at cost-effective prices, and enable companies to enjoy big data, large-scale models, and high computing power, while achieving instant access to resources, pay-as-you-go mode, and flexible customization, meeting various computing power needs in the area.

"After the Public Intelligent Computing Power Center is put into operation, it will provide flexible, convenient, elastic, and secure trusted computing power supply to a large number of cutting-edge enterprises in fields such as autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, healthcare, and smart manufacturing," said a spokesman of Beijing E-Town.

Computing power resources are the foundation, and efficient usability is the core. How can computing power services be transmitted to each user in a timely, fast, and cost-effective manner, making computing power as flexible and convenient as using water and electricity? 

To achieve this, starting with the Public Intelligent Computing Power Center, Beijing E-Town has built the first large-scale, multi-source heterogeneous, multi-algorithm integrated, secure and trusted, and ecologically integrated computing power scheduling service platform in China. 

The plan is to coordinate and schedule a cumulative total of over 9000P of computing power resources, including general computing, intelligent computing, and supercomputing, to address the challenges of diversified computing power applications, high costs, and the separation of supply and demand spaces, to optimize the allocation of computing power resources in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the eastern and western regions, and internationally.