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2023 Beijing Digital Economy Experience Week kicks off

Updated: 2023-06-19

As an important part and preheating event of the 2023 Global Digital Economy Conference, the 2023 Beijing Digital Economy Experience Week began on June 18 at No. 10 exhibition hall of Shougang Park. 

During the week, citizens can participate in five activities to understand, experience, and engage with the digital economy.

According to the organizing committee, the experience period showcases different focuses and achievements of various districts in the process of digital economic construction. 

It also features highlights such as the Digital Consumption Festival and the First China Digital Music Concert, aiming to provide citizens with a better experience of the digital economy.

This year's experience week specifically recruits the leaders of all 17 districts in Beijing. Combining the features of each district, they launched a series of characteristic activities in collaboration with digital brands. 

This created new digital economy scenarios with Beijing's unique characteristics and enhanced citizens' digital economy experience.

By distributing digital consumption cards, releasing digital consumption maps, and organizing activities such as e-commerce live streaming, online activities were combined with offline experiences to build landmark cultural, tourist, and consumption places that represent trends and innovation within Beijing. 

Starting from the perspective of real-life experiences, the beauty of cultural and tourism industries was transmitted through digital technology.

Furthermore, during the experience week, various brands will collaborate based on different scenes such as communities, shopping malls, scenic spots, parks, and schools to conduct digital sports activities through multiple channels. 

This guides the extension of nationwide fitness into the field of digital sports. In parallel, a number of digital economic exhibition halls and exhibition venues were available for digital scene open days. Eight visit routes were planned, covering nearly 20 science popularization and study places. 

This year's experience week also used digital technology to create the first China Digital Music Concert. It employed differentiated methods such as pop music, busking, virtual-human collaboration, and live performances to cater to the preferences of young people. Through digital "singing" and face-to-face communication with young people, a digital stage was created.

Meanwhile, each of the 17 districts in Beijing launched digital consumption experience officers representing respective characteristics. 

They explained relevant knowledge to citizens at the landmarks of digital economy in each district and led everyone to check in. 

For instance, in Beijing E-Town, the Beijing Smart Esports Event Center launched esports activities in which visitors could take part.