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First Green Smart Manufacturing AR Experience Space settles in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2023-06-15

The industry's first Green Smart Manufacturing AR Experience Space, BOE Green Z, has settled in Beijing E-Town, which is BOE's 8.5th generation TFT-LCD production line.

When entering this experience space and wearing AR glasses, the green achievements of BOE are clearly displayed.

This Green Smart Manufacturing AR Experience Space applies AR technology to showcase BOE's experience in resource recycling and achieving a green closed loop under the concept of green production and operation. 


A view of the Green Smart Manufacturing AR Experience Space [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

As a leading global IoT innovation company headquartered in Beijing E-Town, BOE Technology Group has always adhered to the concept of "promoting symbiotic development with green technology." 

Throughout the entire product lifecycle, BOE fully considers the impact on resources and the environment. It implements a series of measures such as integrating green concepts into product design, research and development, production manufacturing, packaging, and transportation, conducting carbon footprint calculations, and assessing product environmental impacts. 


A view of the Green Smart Manufacturing AR Experience Space [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

In terms of energy and resource utilization, BOE promotes energy-saving technological transformation projects in various production lines, efficiently utilizing resources. 

In 2022, it achieved a power saving of over 200 million kilowatt-hours. In terms of water resource management, it recycles production water through a wastewater recovery system and continuously optimizes the water circulation system. Both factories in Beijing have achieved 100 percent use of recycled water as production water. 

Speaking of waste management, BOE adheres to comprehensive utilization as the priority, giving preference to material reuse in production. In 2022, the comprehensive utilization rate of general waste reached 96.48 percent, and the comprehensive utilization rate of hazardous waste reached 96.79 percent.

Currently, all 14 semiconductor display factories and one intelligent manufacturing factory under BOE have been rated as "National Green Factories." 

BOE's 14-inch, 16-inch, 23.8-inch notebook display products have achieved carbon footprint certification, with the 16-inch module product being the first notebook display module product in the field to obtain Carbon Trust carbon footprint certification. 

BOE's VUSION series of electronic shelf label products have obtained the world's first carbon footprint assessment report for electronic shelf label products in the retail industry. The low-power notebook products empowered by BOE's display technology brand, ADS Pro, and Oxide technology have also passed the Intel Low Power Display Technology (LPDT) ultra-low-power certification.