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T1 Line transforms into fairy tale train

Updated: 2023-06-12


Little Red Riding Hood boards the train and the T1 Line becomes a fairy tale train. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]


Together with the magician, passengers of all ages embark on a journey enjoyed by children. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

On June 3, an impressive event titled "Fairy Tale Train: A Magical Journey" took place on the T1 Line of Beijing E-Town tram. 

Twenty groups of families enjoyed a memorable trip that included sightseeing, watching performances, and participating in amusement activities.

Nowadays, the T1 Line, which showcases the beautiful scenery of Beijing E-Town throughout the four seasons, has become one of the popular attractions in the area. 

While serving as a means of transport, the train also contributes to the development of regional tourism. However, how can the service level and passenger experience be further improved?

Recently, the T1 Line conducted a survey in the nearby Dinghaiyuan community, which is close to the final station of the train, to gather opinions from residents and explore new ideas to enhance the quality of public transportation services. 

As a result, the theme activity "Fairy Tale Train: A Magical Journey" was developed.  

During the journey, children not only enjoyed exciting theatrical and magic performances but also interacted with cartoon characters like Little Red Riding Hood. They also showcased their skills in entertaining games such as balloon relays, balloon throwing, and keeping balloons from touching the ground.

"This magical journey is our gift to children in June, and this themed activity is an attempt to bring us closer to passengers and enhance the quality of public transportation services," said Wang Xuan, deputy manager of the T1 Line. 

This event conveys the concept of "accompanying you all the way, wholeheartedly serving you" promoted by Beijing Public Transport. The T1 Line pledged to continue to improve its services and organize more diverse theme activities on board, making the tram a mobile platform for promotion and enriching passengers' travel experience.