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Main structure of ITAI Park Exhibition Center completed

Updated: 2023-05-29

On the shores of Tongming Lake in Beijing E-Town, a national Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI) Park is rising. 

The main structure of the Phase 1 hotel and exhibition center in the park has been completed, and the exterior is expected to be unveiled by the end of the year. 


Along the shore of Tongming Lake, the Phase I project of the ITAI Park is under construction. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

On the northern bank of Tongming Lake, the starting area of the park is already a bustling scene. This area is filled with lush greenery and towering buildings that create a magnificent view. 

Currently, the starting area of the park is home to over 200 innovation and entrepreneurship companies, including over 90 percent of the leading information technology companies in China, forming a complete industrial chain and a cluster ecosystem. 

Building upon the success of the starting area, Phase 1 of the park is now under rapid construction. At the construction site of Plot 7-1 in Phase 1, the main structure of the hotel and exhibition center has been completed, and the large curved architectural framework is revealed, blending harmoniously with the meandering riverbank of Tongming Lake.

According to the design drawings, the four buildings on the lakeside form a smooth "S" curve, aligning roughly with the curvature of the riverbank. 

In addition to using glass and aluminum curtain walls, the west facades of the two office buildings will also incorporate sun-shading and heat-insulating fabric curtain walls, which are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. These curtain walls can also change the color of the building facade through lighting, making the appearance of the buildings dynamic.

Phase 1 of the ITAI Park, which embodies internationalization, innovation, experientiality, and ecological integration, will become a multifunctional and comprehensive industrial and urban complex. 

By the end of 2025, the project will be completed and delivered as a whole. It will include six major industrial parks: Integrated Circuit Design Park, Software Industry Park, Network Security Park, New Computing Park, New Communication Park, and Data Industry Park, forming a complete and eco-friendly innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem centered around Tongming Lake.