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Robot cars with ChatGPT technology

Updated: 2023-02-20

At the launch of the "ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center" of Jidu Auto on Feb 14, CEO Xia Yiping announced that Jidu's robot cars will integrate Baidu's ERNIE Bot to create the world's first large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience. The technology is specifically for smart cars, using auto robots to achieve advanced natural communication. 

The addition of ERNIE Bot to the car is also the first application of ChatGPT technology in smart cars globally.


A robot car developed by Jidu Auto[Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Robot cars need to have human-computer interaction capabilities and engage in two-way communication with users, with voice interaction being the most direct and natural way. 

ERNIE Bot is a generative dialogue product launched by Baidu based on the ERNIE -- or Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration -- large-scale model technology. The app has deep semantic understanding and generation capabilities across modalities and languages. 

With the addition of ERNIE Bot, the communication capabilities of car robot products will be further improved, bringing users better human-machine interactive digital experience. 


Jidu Auto launches its ROBOVERSE digital universe experience plan. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

At the event, Jidu Auto also announced the ROBOVERSE (car robot universe) digital universe experience plan and signed a cooperation agreement with the Three-Body Universe, planning to launch a "Three-Body version" robot car within the year.