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Guokang Hospital guarantees timely treatment of critically ill COVID-19 patients

Updated: 2023-01-11

Ms. Han came to the fever clinic of the Rehabilitation Hospital Affiliated to the National Rehabilitation Assistive Devices Research Center (Guokang Hospital in short) in Beijing E-Town on Jan 4. 

After preliminary diagnosis and treatment, the doctor suggested that Ms. Han undergo a chest CT examination. She completed the examination quickly, and then took the film to the fever clinic for the doctor to analyze.

"I came here for treatment today, because there are not many people, so I didn't spend a long time waiting in line. The efficiency of seeing a doctor is very high, and the experience of seeing a doctor has also been sound." said Ms. Han.


A nurse points at the pre-examination site. [beijingetown.com.cn]

Since the establishment of the fever clinic on Dec 9, 2022, Guokang Hospital has received more than 1,500 patients.

Passing through the special entrance of the fever clinic of Guokang Hospital, and you arrive at the fever clinic. 

There are relatively independent areas, such as a waiting area, consultation room, pharmacy, and observation ward, in the outpatient clinic, which are designed to meet the different medical needs of patients. 

The fever clinic can perform basic examinations and treatment, such as CT, X-ray, color Doppler ultrasound, electrocardiogram, blood test, oxygen inhalation oxygen therapy, and nebulization, and is also equipped with complete rescue facilities.

Guokang Hospital has also optimized its pre-screening and triage process. 

While improving the speed of receiving patients with mild symptoms and reducing waiting times, it has also opened a green channel to patients older than 80,and to 70 year-olds whose blood oxygen saturation is lower than 93 percent or heart rate is over 100 beats per minute.