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Beijing E-Town promotes application of digital medical insurance

Updated: 2022-12-19

"I only knew that electronic medical insurance certificates can be used to register before. Today, the staff told me that the certificate can also be used to prescribe medicines, obtain medical bills, and even reimburse them in different places," remarked Ms. Kang.

Ms. Kang who came to Beijing Aiyuhua Women's and Children's Hospital not only registered with the electronic medical insurance certificate, but was also prescribed medicine through the APP. 

The electronic certificate is issued by the national medical insurance information platform to benefit residents. 

The insured person can enjoy various services including medical insurance business handling, account inquiry, consultation and payment through electronic vouchers.

For a long time, insured persons have to rely on a physical medical insurance card to buy medicines. If the medical insurance card is forgotten or lost or damaged, they will not be able to enjoy insurance benefits in time.

After the implementation of medical insurance electronic certificates, insured persons can use a QR code to realize registration, medical treatment, payment and other services.

Currently, with the continuous enrichment of "full process" scenarios, insured persons can also enjoy various services such as taking medicine, self-service film printing, registration, and discharge settlement.

The verification and payment can be completed by displaying the QR code of the medical insurance electronic voucher at the hospital window or self-service kiosk, which greatly shortens the waiting time to see a doctor. 

Meanwhile, the insured can also complete the printing of laboratory reports, printing of the daily list of hospitalization, query of hospitalization fees at the self-service machine. It can also handle outpatient referrals and special disease approval and external prescription approval, through the window without holding a social security card.


A resident uses the self-service machine to register. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The insured patient can also open a family account through the national medical insurance service platform APP, and combine the family's medical insurance electronic certificates for better management.