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'Thank you for saving my daughter'

Updated: 2022-09-20

Sept 13 was an ordinary day for Shi Beibei, who worked in Beijing E-Town, and the medical staff of Beijing Fuzheng Cancer Hospital. 

But a caring bond was formed that day. 

Medical staff rescued Shi Beibei's daughter on their way to work. The hospital swiftly opened the green channel and the dean took lead in conducting expert consultations in an effort to get this little girl out of danger as soon as possible.

At present, Shi Beibei's daughter has been admitted to the ward and her condition is stable. 

Whle the girl was driving an electric car, her feet got caught on the roadside fence, her lips turned blue, her jaw locked, and her limbs twitched after she fell to the ground. 

Li Qianying, director of the inpatient department of Fuzheng Hospital, and Doctor Jin Tao saw this on their way to work as they reached the intersection of Jinghai 3rd Road and Kechuang 5th Street. 

They carried the girl with other citizens to a safe place. Li checked the girl’s physical condition and Jin quickly dialed 120 and contacted the hospital's work group.

At 7:53, less than a quarter of an hour after the girl was injured, Dong Manku and other medical staff, who were waiting in the outpatient hall of the hospital, brought the girl into the hospital and pushed her to the radiology department free-of-charge.

While conducting an examination, the hospital contacted the girl's mother, Shi Beibei.

"Thank you to the doctors at Fuzheng Hospital, without them, I can't imagine what would have happened to my daughter." Seeing her daughter, who was already lying on the hospital bed, Shi Beibei's heart was filled with gratitude.