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Beijing E-Town facilitates signed projects worth over 14 billion yuan during 2022 CIFTIS

Updated: 2022-09-08

At the 2022 CIFTIS, Beijing E-Town participated in the "Beijing Theme Day" activity, held policy interpretation conferences, organized online and offline exhibitions of enterprises, opened investment inspection routes, and opened the "Beijing E-Town Meeting Room" to attract investment.

By the end of the event, Beijing E-Town had attracted nearly 5,000 government and enterprise representatives, industry experts, and local trading groups, and facilitated 42 signed projects with a contract value of 14.3 billion yuan ($2.05 billion).

During the "Beijing Theme Day" and the second anniversary of the "Two Zones" construction activities, Beijing E-Town completed five project contracts with Pharmaron, Beijing Yizhuang Investment Holding Co., Zhujiang Investment, Unicom Digital Tech, and Jidu Technology, with the total investment amounting at over 6.36 billion yuan.


Lin Luzhou, chief operating officer of Quantutong Location Network Co., signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Tianheng Construction Group on Sept 4. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

During the CIFTIS, Beijing E-Town organized five special press conferences. The investment promotion group negotiated with 285 companies, including eight companies with a clear intention to invest in Beijing E-Town, 12 that intend to continue negotiations, and 45 that intend to conduct business cooperation with firms in the area.

Meanwhile, the business inspection bus of Beijing E-Town transported ambassadors and entrepreneurs visiting the area during the event. 

"As I have seen and heard, Beijing E-Town is a fast-developing economic area with perfect infrastructure, road networks and accessibility. It's so impressive! I think anyone in the world looking to invest will make this place their first destination and first choice." remarked K. K. Yoganaadan, Chargé D'Affaires of the Sri Lanka Embassy in China.