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Explore 'Beijing E-Town Meeting Room' of 2022 CIFTIS

Updated: 2022-09-06

At this year's China International Fair for Trade in Services, Beijing E-Town set up the "Beijing E-Town Meeting Room" as an important platform to showcase its urban image and business opportunities.

Since its opening on Sept 1, the meeting room has attracted companies and investors from all over the world to consult and negotiate.


A glance at the "Beijing E-Town Meeting Room" [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The Beijing E-Town "Two Zones" Construction and Enterprise Globalization Forum was held in the National Convention Center. 

The investment promotion team learned that there was to be a 30-minute coffee break on the agenda of the forum, so they promoted Beijing E-Town to diplomatic staff in attendance. 

Before 10 o'clock, the group members came to the forum meeting room with promotional materials. During the tea break, they introduced the business environment of Beijing E-Town to the German Ambassador to China, Peruvian Ambassador to China, and the Charge d'affaires of the Finnish Embassy in China and other diplomatic personnel in turn, and took the initiative to exchange business cards and invite them to visit Beijing E-Town.

Every day, members of the investment promotion team started from the "Beijing E-Town Meeting Room", visited the booths of various countries and enterprises in different venues and sections, and invited them to the meeting room for in-depth conversations. 

Meanwhile, the team focused on the implementation of industrial projects in the four leading industries, scientific research and technical services, and producer services in the exhibition area, and conducted in-depth communications with a number of enterprises on cooperation intentions upon entering the area.

By Sept 3, the investment promotion group has negotiated with 202 companies, with 26 having expressed their intention to invest in Beijing E-Town.