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New blockchain policies inject new impetus into BDA

Updated: 2021-06-30

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Blockchain Technology Application and Industrial Development" on June 7 to formulate a phased goal: comprehensive strengthening of the blockchain industry until it reaches a world advanced level by 2025 and has taken satisfactory shape. 

What's more, by 2030, the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry will continue to increase, its scale will further grow, and the development of blockchain and new generation information technology will be promoted. The construction of an advanced blockchain industry system will also inject impetus into the development of the digital economy industry in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA).

In the next step, the BDA will focus on five major areas: technological innovation, industrial collaboration, integrated circuits, industrial Internet, and the information technology application innovation industry, to upgrade and improve the ecological chain of the digital economy.

Regarding the cultivation of the blockchain industry chain, the "Guiding Opinions" proposes to cultivate a batch of famous blockchain products, enterprises and parks, build an open source ecology, adhere to equal emphasis on making up for shortcomings and forging longboards, and accelerate the creation of a complete blockchain industry chain.

Actually, with the strong foundation of the new generation information technology industry in the BDA, the number of patent applications by blockchain enterprises in the BDA is in the hundreds, and involves data sharing, data processing and storage, network services, user rights, and video certification, product traceability and other fields.

The BDA has seized the opportunity to promote the implementation of the application scenarios of blockchain technology, mainly in the three major areas of "blockchain + Internet of Things", "blockchain + finance" and "blockchain + energy". 

In the field of "blockchain + Internet of Things", the blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform created by BDA enterprise Jingdong Digital Technology Group focuses on a transparent supply chain system and establishes a technology mutual trust mechanism through the Internet of Things and blockchain technology.

As the main front of Beijing's real economy, the BDA actively promotes the combination of blockchain technology and the real economy, and uses blockchain technology to provide new tools and means to better solve real economic problems. 

Taking energy management and trading as an example, Hepu Energy Technology, a company in the BDA, has successfully built the first blockchain project in the domestic power industry.