Shandong works to foster a thriving business ecosystem

(| Updated : 2024-06-12

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Across Shandong province, local governments are taking proactive measures to enhance the business environment, fostering a supportive ecosystem for enterprises to flourish. These initiatives, centered on the needs of businesses, aim to streamline administrative procedures, reduce paperwork, and elevate service efficiency.

In Zibo's Zhangdian district, a local company experienced the convenience of these reforms firsthand while trying to acquire a food business license. The streamlined process and reduced paperwork significantly expedited the application process.

Tancheng county in Linyi has assigned dedicated business liaison officers to each of its 16,194 enterprises, providing personalized support and fostering an investor-friendly environment.

Juye county in Heze has embraced business environment optimization as a driving force for economic growth. By implementing 20 measures to enhance the business climate, the county attracted 26 investment projects from January to May this year, with a total contract value of 16.59 billion yuan ($2.27 billion).

Changle county in Weifang is continuously refining its business environment, leveraging scientific resources and collaborating with universities and research institutions. These efforts aim to encourage enterprises and other innovative entities to increase R&D investment and strengthen innovation.

By prioritizing the needs of businesses and fostering a supportive ecosystem, Shandong is cultivating a thriving entrepreneurial landscape, attracting investment, and driving economic growth.