Cultural exchange event sparks renewed bonds between Dongying, Livorno

(| Updated : 2023-05-23

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A cultural exchange between Dongying, China, and Livorno, Italy, took place in Shandong province's Dongying on May 18. Led by Livorno Councillor Giovanna Cepparello, an Italian delegation visited Dongying Art Museum and Xuelian Theater.

At Dongying Art Museum, the delegates admired a Chinese Painting Creation Tour Exhibition by the Chinese National Academy of Arts and learned about the process of creating Yellow River clay teacups as well as traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy techniques.


Giovanna Cepparello makes a Yellow River clay teacup. [Photo provided to]

"I was very excited to learn about the ink painting and calligraphy works and the painting techniques. I also tried to paint with ink and learned that it is a difficult but expressive craft," said Cepparello, who plans to try ink painting after returning to Italy.


Giovanna Cepparello (left) learns Chinese calligraphy at Dongying Art Museum. [Photo provided to]

At Xuelian Theater, the delegation was treated to cultural performances like the Drum Song of Peking and Lyu Opera.


Giovanna Cepparello (seven from right) poses for photos with performers at Xuelian Theater. [Photo provided to]

During the Yellow River Estuary International Friendly Cities Conference for Dialogue and Exchange, officials signed a letter of intent to establish a cooperative relationship between Livorno and Dongying.

Cepparello then expressed her eagerness to report back to Livorno's mayor and strengthen ties between the two cities in areas such as economy, education, and culture.