Shandong opens another Nishan House in Australia

(| Updated : 2019-07-17

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The Shandong Friendship Publishing House launched a Nishan House bookshop in the Chung Wah Association on July 14 in Perth, Australia.

The book house is the sixth of its kind in Australia and it is the 40th overseas branch of Nishan House, a bookstore chain created by the Shandong Friendship Publishing House as an important project to carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture and push the "going-out" strategy of Chinese culture.

Nishan, or Mount Ni, is regarded as the birthplace of Confucius.

Founded in 1909, the Chung Wah Association is the largest and most established Chinese organization in Western Australia, which has been recognized by local governments as the voice for the Chinese community in Western Australia.

More than 20 representatives from the Shandong Friendship Publishing House, the China Consulate in Perth and local culture and education circles participated in the unveiling ceremony of the bookstore.

Han Gangli, vice president of Shandong Friendship Publishing House, said that the Chung Wah Association is not only the spiritual home of the Chinese people in Western Australia, but also the bridge and bond to spread Chinese culture. As it has been recognized by the Federal, State and local governments, it is the voice of 140,000 Chinese people in Western Australia.

Han said that the launch of Nishan House bookstore in the Chung Wah Association will help locals learn more about the excellent traditional Chinese culture and Shandong culture by reading books provided by the bookstore.

Ding Shaoping, president of the Chung Wah Association, said that Chinese culture should not be separated from the descendants of Chinese immigrants, as culture is the "root" and "soul" of a nation. The bookstore will help local Chinese learn more about China's culture and history.

Founded in 1986, the Shandong Friendship Publishing House is a professional publishing company affiliated with the Shandong Publishing Group. It has set up several branches that implement the going-out strategy of culture.


The Nishan House bookstore is inaugurated on July 14 in the Chung Wah Association on July 14 in Perth, Australia. [Photo/WeChat account: sdyychubanshe]


Attendees at the launching ceremony pose for a group photo. [Photo/WeChat account: sdyychubanshe]


Visitors glance over books provided by the Shandong Friendship Publishing House. [Photo/WeChat account: sdyychubanshe]