China invites journalists to cover annual ‘two sessions’

Xinhua Updated: 2024-02-04

BEIJING -- China's National People's Congress (NPC), the national legislature, and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the country's national political advisory body, are inviting local and international journalists to cover their annual sessions to be held in March, according to an official statement released Friday.

The second session of the 14th NPC is scheduled to open on March 5, while the second session of the 14th CPPCC National Committee is set to begin on March 4.

News coverage of the two sessions can be carried out through various means, but mainly through on-site reporting, said the statement jointly issued by the general offices of the NPC Standing Committee and the CPPCC National Committee.

A media center for the two sessions will be open from Feb. 27, according to the statement.

China-based foreign journalists who want to cover the two sessions should submit their applications to the press center, while those not based in China should apply to Chinese embassies or consulates in their countries or via visa organizations authorized by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Reporters from Hong Kong and Macao should apply at the central government's liaison offices in the two special administrative regions, and reporters from Taiwan should apply to the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council.

The deadline for applications is Feb. 18, and more information about the two sessions is available on and 

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