Senior legislator inspects sci-tech law enforcement in Hunan

Updated: 2023-06-22

He Wei, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), led a team to Central China's Hunan province from June 11 to 15 to inspect the enforcement of the Law on Scientific and Technological Progress.

The team visited high-tech enterprise parks, scientific research institutes, universities, experimental bases and ports in the cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Chenzhou, to check out how local governments, universities and enterprises have fulfilled their responsibilities in enhancing sci-tech research and development as well as in scientific and technological innovation.

They also learned about the latest progress in commercialization of research achievements, core technology breakthroughs, and incentives to attract scientific and technological personnel.

He, also chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, said that conducting enforcement inspection on the Law on Scientific and Technological Progress is a major task of the 14th NPC Standing Committee. In recent years, Hunan has conscientiously implemented the law and advanced scientific and technological innovation which has led to several major achievements, such as the development of the ultra-high-speed rail transit system, the Beidou navigation satellite system, deep-water drilling, and ultra-large-diameter shield tunneling machines, he added.

During the inspection, he stressed the importance of promoting scientific and technological self-reliance, comprehensively implementing the Law on Scientific and Technological Progress and tightening supervision over the enforcement of the law to create a social environment that is conducive to technological innovation.

Shen Xiaoming, secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, said that Hunan has vigorously strengthened law-based guarantees for scientific and technological innovation and the development of advanced manufacturing industries. He noted that Hunan will further promote the implementation of the Law on Scientific and Technological Progress to help accelerate the construction of Changsha into a competitive international hub for sci-tech research and development.

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