Senior legislator leads survey on supervision work in Jiangsu

Updated: 2022-09-19


A team led by Hao Mingjin, vice-chairman of the National People's Congress(NPC) Standing Committee, learned about supervision work in East China's Jiangsu province from Sept 6 to 9.


In the cities of Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Changzhou, the team visited venues for anti-corruption awareness education, revolutionary sites, enterprises and residential communities.

At a symposium held in Nanjing on Sept 7, the team heard reports by the provincial's high people's court, provincial people's procuratorate, public security department as well as the supervisory commissions and the bodies dispatched by the Communist Party of China (CPC) commission for discipline inspection at the provincial, municipal and county levels. Experts and scholars also shared their suggestions at the meeting.

Hao hailed Jiangsu's efforts in deepening the reform of the supervision system. He said it is of great significance to promote standardized and law-based supervision work and strengthen internal and external oversight.

He urged the province to continue its efforts to enhance the quality of supervision work, strictly enforce the Supervision Law and other relevant laws and regulations, and build a well-rounded supervision system that integrates ad-hoc overseeing, special campaigns, intra-Party supervision and other measures.


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