Heighten a Sense of Chinese Identity

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China III Updated: 2021-12-30

Heighten a Sense of Chinese Identity* 

September 27, 2019 

Now that Chinese socialism has entered a new era, the Chinese nation can look forward to the best period of development in history. But as we still face a complex domestic and international situation, we should unite more than ever as one and pool our strengths to ensure that our country continues to progress steadily.

All ethnic groups as one family – this is one of the fundamental guarantees for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. To make the Chinese Dream come true, we must focus on heightening a sense of identity of the Chinese nation, and take the cause of ethnic unity and progress as a fundamental task. We must fully implement our Party's theories and policies concerning ethnic groups, work together for common prosperity and development, and help all ethnic groups remain as closely united as the seeds of a pomegranate, so that the Chinese nation will become a more inclusive and cohesive community.

First, we must uphold the CPC leadership, unite all ethnic groups, and lead them forward on the path of Chinese socialism. Our experience shows that only the CPC can unite the Chinese nation, and only under Chinese socialism can all ethnic groups work together and achieve development and prosperity. We must uphold our Party's leadership, remember why we started, and bear in mind our mission. We must take correct approaches to addressing ethnic problems, uphold and improve the system of regional ethnic autonomy, and strengthen education on our Party's theories and policies concerning ethnic groups and ethnic solidarity. With a focus on heightening a sense of national identity, we should unite people and officials from all ethnic groups in following the leadership of the Central Committee and carrying out its decisions and plans, and cultivate in all ethnic groups a growing sense of identity with the motherland, the Chinese nation, the Chinese culture, the Communist Party of China, and Chinese socialism.

Second, we must work to create a better life for all ethnic groups, and ensure that ethnic minority groups and the areas they inhabit achieve moderate prosperity and modernization together with the rest of the country. The Chinese nation is a big family; everyone in the family deserves a good life. We cannot have across-the-board moderate prosperity and modernization if ethnic minority areas are left behind. We should accelerate development of ethnic minority groups and the areas they inhabit, ensure their equal access to basic public services, and help them turn natural resources into economic gains. The achievements of reform and development should benefit more people from all ethnic groups in a fairer way, so that they will have a growing sense of gain, happiness and security. We should improve different policies for different regions, strengthen the system of transfer payments, and improve paired assistance between more developed and less developed areas. We should fully implement the plans for developing areas heavily populated by ethnic minorities and ethnic groups with smaller populations, and the action plan to bring prosperity to border areas and their residents. During the 14th Five-year Plan period (2021-2025) we should fully implement our plans for ethnic minority groups and the areas they inhabit so that all ethnic groups work together to create a better future and share the new glories and dreams of the Chinese nation.

Third, we must uphold the core socialist values in building a cultural home shared by all ethnic groups. Culture is the soul of a nation, and cultural identity is the root of ethnic unity. All ethnic groups should respect and appreciate each other's culture and learn from each other. We should work harder to promote the core socialist values among all ethnic groups. Developing sound viewpoints on the motherland, nation, culture, and history is central to building a cultural home shared by all ethnic groups and consolidating the sense of national identity. With this in mind, we should preserve and pass down ethnic cultures through updating and integration, and establish and highlight China's cultural symbols shared by all its ethnic groups and the collective image of the Chinese nation, so that people from all ethnic groups identify more with Chinese culture. We should strengthen education of all types and at all levels in areas inhabited by ethnic minority groups, strengthen the education on standard spoken and written Chinese, and give people from ethnic minority groups a better education. We should place more emphasis on patriotism in educating young people, to sow the seeds of patriotism in every child. We must seize the initiative in guiding public opinion, and make the internet a fast growing space in building a cultural home shared by all ethnic groups and in consolidating the sense of national identity.

Fourth, we must uphold the unity of the Chinese nation, and enhance communication and integration between ethnic groups. For seven decades, and particularly since 1978 when reform and opening up was introduced, China's ethnic groups have strengthened their ties in many ways and to a degree never seen before. They share the country's vast lands and live in compact communities; they also live amongst each other. This trend has intensified over time, underlined by free flow of people and more ethnic communities living together. In response to this trend, we should come up with policies, measures and mechanisms that are conducive to building an ethnically integrated society, and improve the services for and management of the migrant population of ethnic minority groups, so that all ethnic groups work together for a better home and a brighter future. We should consistently enhance ethnic unity and progress in all areas, and introduce new forms of initiative to government departments, enterprises, communities, towns and townships, schools, military units, and venues for religious activities. Han chauvinism and local ethnic chauvinism are both enemies of ethnic unity, and must be opposed.

Fifth, we must handle ethnic affairs in accordance with the law, and ensure that citizens of all ethnic groups are equal before the law. On the basis of the Law on Regional Ethnic Autonomy, we should improve laws and regulations concerning ethnic minority groups, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of all groups by law. We must treat all equally without discrimination, and pass judgments only through the law. Cases and incidents involving ethnic factors should be dealt with appropriately in accordance with the law, and citizens of all ethnic groups must enjoy their rights and discharge their obligations on an equal basis. The governance of ethnic affairs must be ruled by law. We must guard against and crack down on all forms of infiltration, sabotage and subversive activities, violence, terrorism, ethnic separatism, and religious extremism.

To improve our work in ethnic affairs in the current era, we must strengthen Party leadership in this regard. Party committees at all levels should place ethnic affairs high on their agenda, and make their ability to deal with ethnic affairs and enhance ethnic unity an important indicator in appraising the performance of officials. We should strengthen research on the basic theories and key issues of ethnic affairs, add new content to the discourse system of China's socialist theory and policy on ethnic affairs, and increase our influence and capacity to inspire internationally. To have a solid basis in addressing ethnic affairs, Party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions, other political parties, and people's organizations should all participate and work together. We should lay emphasis on developing a contingent of officials specializing in ethnic affairs, select and train officials and personnel with professional expertise from ethnic minority groups, and encourage departments handling ethnic affairs to do their job more diligently.

The rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires all ethnic groups to stand together, to work together with one heart. Let us unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee, forge ahead with one mind, and strive for ethnic unity and progress, for the sake of the Two Centenary Goals and the Chinese Dream.

* Part of the speech at the national conference commending model units and individuals for contributing to ethnic unity and progress.

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