Enhance Local Legislation and Supervision

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China III Updated: 2021-12-30

Enhance Local Legislation and Supervision* 

July 2019 

Setting up a standing committee for each local people's congress at or above the county level represents a significant improvement to the people's congress system. Committed to the integration of the Party's leadership, the people's position as masters of the country, and law-based governance, local people's congresses and their standing committees have fulfilled their duties, shown enterprise, and made a great contribution to the reform, development and stability of their respective areas over the past four decades.

However, new tasks for the new era impose new and higher requirements upon the work of people's congresses. Local people's congresses and their standing committees need to fulfill their duties in line with the Party Central Committee's requirements for the work of people's congresses and the decisions and plans made by local Party committees for implementing the Central Committee's policies and strategies. These include taking an innovative approach to their work in legislation and supervision, in accordance with their respective local conditions, so as to facilitate economic and social development and the completion of reform tasks. They should conscientiously follow the leadership of local Party committees at their respective levels. They need to maintain close ties with the people and give better play to the role of deputies to the people's congresses, who should be familiar with the true situation of local people, solicit their opinions, garner their ideas, safeguard their rights and interests through the rule of law, and improve their wellbeing. The deputies also need to achieve self-improvement, in order to increase their ability to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law, and improve the efficiency of their work.

* Main points of the directive on the work of local people's congresses and their standing committees.

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