Protect and Promote Human Rights in the Chinese Context

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Protect and Promote Human Rights in the Chinese Context* 

December 10, 2018 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a significant document in the history of humanity, which has profoundly impacted progress in human rights around the world. Together with the peoples of other countries, and based on the common values of humanity – peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom – China is committed to safeguarding human dignity and rights, and promoting fairer, more equitable and inclusive global governance of human rights, so as to build a global community of shared future and strive for a better world.

The ultimate human right is that people can lead a happy life. Since the first day of its founding in 1921, the CPC has fully committed itself to the wellbeing of the Chinese people and human development. During the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949, and in particular the 40 years since the launch of reform and opening up in 1978, the Chinese nation has achieved a tremendous transformation: It has stood up, become better off and grown in strength. This achievement can be summed up as improving the living standards of all Chinese people.

The times are moving forward, and human rights are making progress. Combining the principle of universal human rights with the reality of modern times, China remains committed to a path for human rights that accords with its prevailing conditions. Adhering to a people-centered vision, China takes the rights to subsistence and development as the primary and basic human rights, works for coordinated progress in economic, political, social, cultural and environmental rights, defends social fairness and justice, and promotes the right to all-round development.

Chinese researchers on human rights need to advance with the times, maintain the right orientation, break new ground, and make a greater contribution to cultural diversity and the global cause of human rights.

* Main points of the congratulatory letter to a forum marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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