Ensure the Two Upholds in Central Party and Government Departments

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China III Updated: 2021-12-29

Ensure the Two Upholds in Central Party and Government Departments* 

July 9, 2019 

The primary task of strengthening our Party in central Party and government departments is to lead by example in ensuring the Two Upholds. One of the important goals of the Aspiration and Mission education campaign is to cultivate the loyal, upright and responsible political character of Party members and officials, especially those in leadership positions, and to ensure that the whole Party is united in thought and concerted in action. 

Central Party and government departments must be conscious of their role as political organs. Every institution performs different functions, but each of them has political responsibilities. Central Party and government departments are at the forefront of ensuring the Two Upholds. The slightest deviation from the theories, guidelines, principles and policies of our Party will lead to huge mistakes at the grassroots level. If the first baton of implementation is dropped, the race will be lost from the very beginning. 

In doing their work, Party members and officials, especially officials and heads of central Party and government departments, should take the lead in upholding the Party's underlying theories, basic guidelines, and fundamental principles and the Central Committee's decisions and plans. They must adopt an appropriate political perspective, maintain the correct political orientation, strengthen their political stance, clarify their political values, and observe political discipline. They should regularly correct deviations, so as to respond with resolution to the calls of the Central Committee, fully implement its decisions, and refrain from doing what it prohibits. They must never go astray in their political direction.

The meaning of the Two Upholds is specific and consistent. The whole Party must act consistently with the Central Committee, and must not compromise democratic centralism within a specific institution in the name of upholding the authority of the Central Committee. Party members and officials, no matter what kind of work they do and how high their rank, are first and foremost Party members. They must bear in mind that their primary duty is to work for the Party, and they must align their major statements with those of the Central Committee. All important issues and progress relating to important initiatives must be promptly reported to the Central Committee for instruction in accordance with relevant provisions.

Political awareness is not abstract. The Two Upholds should be embodied in the implementation of the Central Committee's decisions and plans, in the performance of our duties, in the effectiveness of our work, and in our daily words and deeds. During the war times, the Central Committee and Chairman Mao commanded the whole Party and the entire army by radio transmission. The signals conveyed their instructions, which were carried out unconditionally in the Party and the army. If anyone had failed to listen to or properly execute the command, the Central Committee's authority and its centralized, unified leadership would have lost all meaning.

To take the lead in ensuring the Two Upholds is, in essence, to be loyal to the Party. This loyalty is to the beliefs, organizations, theories, guidelines, principles and policies of our Party. This loyalty must start with the most basic work. If we do not do our own job well, shirking our responsibilities, sitting idle all day, and neglecting the duties assigned by Party organizations, then ensuring the Two Upholds will be nothing but empty talk.

In the new era, we must strengthen education on loyalty to our Party, give full play to the strengths of central Party and government departments imbued with our Party's heritage, and reread our written applications for joining the Party and the Party admission oath, so as to foster an intra-Party political culture with characteristics unique to the central Party and government departments. We should encourage the emulation of model Party members as an important starting point for furthering the education campaign, which should be combined with the establishment of model Party and government departments, to encourage Party members and officials to look up to the role models and make progress. Those in leadership positions should incorporate loyalty to the Party into family culture and family value education, and encourage their family and relatives to follow the Party's leadership.

To take the lead in ensuring the Two Upholds, we should identify with the principle on both a rational and emotional level, and have both the ability and resolve to do this well. We must rely on study and practice to strengthen our political resolve and competence. I have always emphasized that the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be no easy task. It will not be achieved by simply beating drums and gongs. We cannot overcome all the risks and challenges we face on the way forward without a true fighting spirit. Chairman Mao summarized the key to our victory in resisting US aggression and aiding Korea: The enemies have more steel than morale, while we have less steel but higher morale. We Party members and officials of central Party and government departments should stay true to our principles, be prepared for adversity, maintain our fighting spirit, and be adept at foreseeing developing trends and detecting potential risks and challenges. In avoiding and resolving risks, we must have the courage to take on responsibility and fulfill our duties to the letter.

* Part of the speech at the National Conference on Strengthening the Party in Central Party and Government Departments.

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