Carry Forward the Spirit of Saihanba, a Model in Afforestation

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Carry Forward the Spirit of Saihanba, a Model in Afforestation*


August 14, 2017


In response to the call of the Party, the workers of the Saihanba Forest Farm of Hebei Province have dedicated themselves to hard work over 55 years in a desert where "the sun and the sky are shaded by yellow sandstorm, and flying birds find no trees for shelter", and have finally created a miracle by turning wasteland into forests. Through their actions they have made manifest the idea that "green hills and clear waters are as valuable as gold and silver"; they have forged a Saihanba spirit of bearing the mission in mind, working hard, and pursuing green development. Their dedicated efforts and moving stories serve as a model in our drive for ecological progress.

Our whole Party and all of society must adhere to the idea of green development and carry forward the Saihanba spirit. We need to work on this for generations to come, persevere in our efforts, and strive to create a new pattern of harmonious development between mankind and nature. In so doing, we will build our country into a more beautiful land, and leave to future generations a beautiful environment of blue skies, green mountains and clean waters.

* Comments on the exemplary deeds of the workers of Saihanba Forest Farm, Hebei Province.

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