Clear Waters and Green Mountains Are Invaluable Assets

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China II Updated: 2021-12-27

Clear Waters and Green Mountains Are Invaluable Assets*


November 28, 2016


Ecological progress is an important component of our overall approach to building socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Four-pronged Strategy. All regions and departments should diligently implement the new development concepts, be fully aware that "clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets", and make every effort to usher in a new era of ecological development under the socialist system.

Reform for ecological progress should be driven to a new level, and a pertinent institutional framework should be set up as soon as possible, providing functional mechanisms buttressed by the rule of law. By introducing supply-side structural reform, we will speed up China's development in a green, circular, and low-carbon fashion, and make our work and our daily life less resource-reliant and more environment-friendly. Emphasis will be put on the supervision of environmental crimes and violations of Party discipline, and the law in relation to environmental protection will be handled accordingly. We will focus our strength on pressing environmental problems, so that the public will see noticeable improvement in the ecological environment. Party committees and governments at all levels, along with other relevant bodies, must treat ecological progress as an important task, take solid steps to tackle difficult issues, and be persistent and pragmatic to achieve concrete results. They must make sure that the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee on ecological development are thoroughly implemented, and strive to contribute to a better environment for a beautiful China and to global ecological safety.


* Comments on ecological progress.

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