Social Governance Under Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China II Updated: 2021-12-27

Social Governance Under Socialism with Chinese Characteristics*


September 19, 2017


Development is one overriding principle; stability is another. We should attach equal importance to both. We should firmly adhere to the path of social governance under socialism with Chinese characteristics. We will leverage the Party's leadership and China's socialist system, which are our advantage, in strengthening social governance. We will step up institution building and strengthen the rule of law in social governance, and make such governance smarter and more rational. We will further improve our system of social governance under Chinese socialism so as to ensure that our people can live and work in tranquility and our country can enjoy enduring social stability and peace.

The comrades commended today have all made an outstanding contribution to developing and applying new approaches to social governance, and building a peaceful China. You are role models for those involved in the maintenance of law and order and for the whole of society as well. I believe this ceremony of commendation will play a major role in fostering healthy social trends and encouraging more people working on the front line of law and order maintenance to perform and fulfill their missions entrusted by the Party and the people.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, our Party and state have undergone historic changes and made historic achievements. Such achievements would not have been possible without the joint efforts of all Party members and people of all ethnic groups under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee. Such achievements embody the wisdom and hard work of all the officials and staff in the field of law and order maintenance.

Over the past five years, you have upheld socialism with Chinese characteristics and earnestly implemented the strategies and decisions of the CPC Central Committee. While focusing on the central task of economic development and serving the overall interests of the country, you have come up with new approaches, new initiatives and new measures for social governance. You have endeavored to maintain security and stability while laying groundwork for long-term social governance. You have successfully prevented and resolved many prominent problems that would have negatively impacted social stability otherwise. What you have done makes our people feel more secure and assured, rendering significant contribution to a stable environment for China's reform and development. A great many model workers have emerged.

The groups and individuals commended today are outstanding representatives of the many model workers. Among you, some have worked diligently and dutifully to fulfill their political responsibility for promoting local development and ensuring local security. Some have kept the safety and interests of the people in mind and come forward in times of danger or emergency to safeguard happiness and welfare of thousands of families. Some are pacesetters and have developed innovative methods to improve efficiency in social governance, address problems and weakness, and defuse risks. Some of you have worked at grassroots-level for decades without complaint, contributing to local stability and harmony.

From what you have done, I can see your strong political integrity, your sincere feelings for the people, your remarkable professionalism and your robust work style. You have helped to safeguard national security, social harmony and people's wellbeing with your dedication. Some of your colleagues have even shed blood and sacrificed their lives. You deserve the titles of loyal guards of the Party and the people, defenders of peaceful China, and builders and protectors of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The Party and the people are grateful to you.

I have three expectations of you.

First, conscientiously uphold the Party's leadership, enhance political integrity, develop a better understanding of the general picture, follow the core leadership of the CPC Central Committee, and act consistently with the Central Committee's policies and decisions; firmly uphold the authority of the Central Committee and its centralized and unified leadership. Always keep in mind the overall interests of the Party and the nation while analyzing and addressing issues in social governance. You should always be mindful of existing difficulties and challenges and take resolute measures to prevent and defuse any major risks.

Second, carefully analyze and accurately assess the current situation in the world, in China and in the Party. Strengthen and develop new approaches to social governance in light of prevailing circumstances in China and the features of our time, and follow the laws of governance. Explore better solutions to social problems in China and ensure a vigorous, harmonious and orderly society.

Third, strengthen institution building and the rule of law in social governance, and make such governance smarter and more rational. Develop a deeper understanding of society and social governance. Apply advanced concept, scientific attitude, specialized measures, and well-defined standards to social governance so as to improve holistic governance and promote synergy of different initiatives. Build up the capacity of forecasting, early warning, and preventing of risks, and strengthen predictability, accuracy and efficiency in social governance. Enhance law-based social governance and promote the rule of virtue. Guide and regulate activities in society and work towards a society where the rule of law and virtue prevails.

Party committees and governments at all levels should prioritize the strengthening and development of new approaches and initiatives for social governance, and improve the social governance responsibility system. They should study and address issues relating to the system of social governance and related institutions in a timely manner. They should also care more for those working in the field of law and order maintenance and help them to have a sense of belonging and honor in their work, and a sense of happiness in life so that they will work with greater confidence to make new successes worthy of the trust of the Party and the people.


* Main points of the speech at his meeting with representatives to the national conference commending model units and individuals for maintaining law and order.

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