When the People Are Firm in Their Convictions, the Nation Will Flourish

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China II Updated: 2021-12-27

When the People Are Firm in Their Convictions, the Nation Will Flourish*


February 28, 2015


When the people are firm in their convictions, the country will prosper and the nation will grow stronger. To realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation, we must be wealthy in both material and cultural terms, and we must be consistent and persistent in our pursuit of socialist cultural and ethical progress and in providing all the people with a strong ideological guarantee, intellectual support, and moral sustenance.

Soon after the adoption of reform and opening up in 1978 the Party took on the strategic task of promoting socialist cultural and ethical progress, and adopted the strategic concept of "pushing for material progress on the one hand and cultural and ethical progress on the other, with great importance attached to both". Over more than 30 years, the Chinese people have not only worked a miracle of material progress, but reaped the great benefit of cultural and ethical progress, during which a large number of outstanding role models, of whom you are representatives, have come to the fore.

The people of a country or a nation must have common ideals and convictions if they are to advance with aspiration. We should constantly and thoroughly promote socialism with Chinese characteristics within the Party and throughout society, advocate the themes of the times, encourage healthy trends, enhance the belief in our path, theory and system, and let the beacon of ideals and convictions blaze in the heart of every person in China.

We should stick to this strategic concept; deal with the relationship between material progress and cultural and ethical progress in a dialectical, comprehensive and balanced way; pursue cultural and ethical progress in all aspects of social life in our reform, opening up, and modernization; and at the same time cultivate and practice core socialist values and encourage our Communists to develop a sound world outlook, view of life, and values, and remain convicted to the communist ideals. We should enhance our social, professional, family, and individual ethics. We should create an environment where ethics are held in high esteem. We should endeavor to promote Chinese traditions, improve Party conduct, the working practices of government officials, social morality, and family traditions; and let the Chinese cultural genes multiply, especially among young people. All officials, public figures and role models should play an exemplary role in setting up the concept of cultural and ethical progress, striving to be model citizens of civil conduct and presenting a good image.

Cultural and ethical progress can only play a bigger role when we stand in the forefront of the times and set the standards of social morality and trends. At present, the minds of our people are active. All kinds of concepts collide with each other, and new technologies and new media such as the internet develop with each passing day. All of this requires us to assess and take advantage of the situation, and bring more vitality to cultural and ethical progress through innovation in the contents and carriers, and by improving the ways and means. We must achieve solid results through a down-to-earth approach in promoting cultural and ethical progress, which should center on improving the people's wellbeing. We should fight against going through the motions and excessive bureaucracy, and endeavor to meet the rising cultural needs of the people. Party committees at all levels should fulfill their duties and do their best to promote cultural and ethical progress.


* Main points of the speech at his meeting with representatives to the fourth conference of national model cities, towns, villages, and units for cultural progress and model ethical tutors for minors.

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