Make Targeted Efforts in Reform

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China II Updated: 2021-12-24

Make Targeted Efforts in Reform*


January 4-6, 2016


This year is still of crucial importance for further all-round reform. We need to focus on tasks that play a landmark, guiding and defining role in reform, and take the initiative to make targeted efforts. In advancing reform, local authorities should on the one hand carry out tasks set forth by the CPC Central Committee, and on the other, seek opportunities to innovate.

While bearing in mind the general situation in the country, we need to determine the priorities, paths, order, and methods of reform, and creatively implement guidelines of the central leadership, so that reform will more precisely meet development needs, grassroots wishes, and popular aspirations. We should fully understand key reform plans made by the central leadership, and at the same time improve the mechanism for implementation, be pragmatic, address specific problems, provide material support and necessary manpower, and put our focus on serious problems. With these efforts, reform will take root and bear fruit.


* Main points of the speech during a fact-finding trip to Chongqing.

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