Take Action on Reform

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China II Updated: 2021-12-24

Take Action on Reform*

May 5, 2015-August 29, 2017



We should urge officials to keep their thinking in line with the Four-pronged Strategy. They should keep in mind the broader picture of reform in treating adjustments of interests. They should comply with and serve reform as long as that helps promote reform as a whole, develop the cause of the Party and country and improve the systems and institutions of their sectors. They should impose revolution on themselves and confront problems face-to-face as they work together to accomplish the great mission of further all-round reform.

(from the speech at the 12th meeting, May 5, 2015)


Officials must be strict with themselves in self-cultivation, in the exercise of power, and in self-discipline, and act in good faith when performing official duties, taking initiatives, and interacting with others. Their performance in further all-round reform is a major measure of their compliance with these above-mentioned Three Guidelines for Ethical Behavior and Three Basic Rules of Conduct. These guidelines and rules must be implemented throughout reform. Party members and officials, especially those in leadership positions must be urged to seek truth from facts and stay realistic and pragmatic. They must have a thorough, realistic understanding of reform and take a pragmatic approach to planning and implementation. They should both promote and take action on reform.

(from the speech at the 14th meeting, July 1, 2015)


All provincial authorities and central departments should develop a holistic view of reform and a strong sense of responsibility, making reform a political priority. With strong resolve and confidence in reform, they should take a more proactive approach to reform in both thinking and action, promote and take action on reform at the same time, and work tenaciously to implement reforms with targeted and persistent efforts till there are achievements.

(from the speech at the 21st meeting, February 23, 2016)


Being responsible for reform, central Party and government departments are also important forces for carrying it out. They must implement the CPC Central Committee's policies, free their minds, release and develop productive forces, and liberate and tap the vitality of society. They should also strengthen their sense of responsibility, promote reform as a reform on themselves, gain a correct understanding of the broader picture, and implement reform measures.

(from the speech at the 28th meeting, October 11, 2016)


Party and government officials are essential for promoting reform. They should prioritize reform initiatives, pioneer reform efforts, and take on the most painstaking and difficult reform tasks. They should play the key role in mapping out major reform plans, supervising major reform programs, coordinating key issues, and ensuring effective implementation of reform.

(from the speech at the 32nd meeting, February 6, 2017)


Officials at all levels should plan and promote reform consciously from an overall perspective, seek truth from facts, be pragmatic, make sure that we start well and end well, and work wholeheartedly to produce the best possible results. They should also keep to the right direction, be ready to take on responsibilities, be personally involved, and focus on implementation.

(from the speech at the 33rd meeting, March 24, 2017)


Reform is part of our great struggle. To implement further allround reform, we must strengthen CPC leadership, be problem-oriented, work hard to ensure implementation, and improve our understanding and application of the laws governing reform. We must continue to reform, plan and implement it from an overall perspective, be strong, determined and courageous, review the experience we have accumulated since the 18th National Congress, and make persistent efforts to carry reform through to the end.

(from the speech at the 38th meeting, August 29, 2017)


* Main points of the speeches at the 12th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 32nd, 33rd and 38th meetings of the Leading Group for Further Reform under the CPC Central Committee.

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