Give the People a Stronger Sense of Gain

Xi Jinping: The Governance of China II Updated: 2021-12-24

Give the People a Stronger Sense of Gain*


February 27, 2015-December 5, 2016



We should coordinate all reform tasks, implement the reform measures approved at the third and fourth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, promote reform under the rule of law, and improve the rule of law in the process of reform. We should identify the key targets and hit them, and adopt a series of sound, practical and effective measures that can withstand the test and are accepted by the people. We must handle well the relationship between "the first kilometer" and "the last kilometer" [the initiation and the implementation] of reform, eliminate obstacles in between, prevent nonfeasance, and publicize the highlights of reform plans so as to give the people a stronger sense of gain.

(from the speech at the 10th meeting, February 27, 2015)


We must proceed top-down from the strategy of the Four-pronged Strategy, be highly aware of the key position and important role of continuing reform, be bold and resolute, and use the reform mindset to plan and promote our work, so as to constantly improve our capability of leading, planning, promoting, and implementing reform, and make sure that reform responds to public demand.

(from the speech at the 11th meeting, April 1, 2015)


In advancing reform, we should strengthen impetus and seek greater social fairness and justice, promote supply-side structural reform with innovation in systems and mechanisms, and focus on the resolution of problems related to the systems and mechanisms that hinder economic and social development. We should reflect the people-oriented development idea at every link of economic and social development, grasp and promote in reform whatever the people care about and expect, and give the people a stronger sense of gain by implementing reform.

(from the speech at the 23rd meeting, April 18, 2016)


To plan solid reform is significant to our work next year and in the future. We should summarize our experience, enhance our thinking, emphasize focal points, improve the overall efficiency of reform, expand the scope of benefits, give full play to the leading role of reform, and adopt reform measures that drive economic development, promote social fairness and justice, enhance people's sense of gain, and arouse the enthusiasm of officials and the people.

(from the speech at the 30th meeting, December 5, 2016)


* Main points of the speeches at the 10th, 11th, 23rd and 30th meetings of the Leading Group for Further Reform under the CPC Central Committee.

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