Honors of Kunming

Updated: May 31, 2021

1. Famous Historical and Cultural City in China

2. National Model City for Mutual Support Between the Militaiy and Civilians

3. Top Tourist City of China

4. National Garden City

5. National Healthy City

6. National Water-saving City

7. National Model City for Afforestation

8. UN-Recognized Livable Eco-city

9. China's Happiest City

10. China's Most Leisurely and Livable Green Eco-city

11. One of China's Top 10 Cities Suitable for Living, Travelling and Starting Businesses

12. China's City of Cultural Influence in 2017

13. China (Mainland) City of Best International Image

14. International Garden City

15. China's City of Beautiful Life

16. National Demonstration Base for Cultural and Technological Integration

17. National Pilot City for Cultural Consumption

18. One of Top 10 Most Culturally Influential Cities in China

19. National Base for Cultural Export

20. National Forest City

21. National Model City for Unity and Progress Among Ethnic Groups

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