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Qintong Boat Festival launches with pizzazz in Jiangyan

LMS| Updated: April 7, 2024

There was great excitement when the 2024 China Taizhou Qintong Boat Festival was launched on April 6 in the Jiangyan district of Taizhou city – located in East China's Jiangsu province.

The opening ceremony signaled the grand commencement of the festival. Over 500 different boats and tens of thousands of skilled boat racers took to the water during the opening ceremony – maneuvering their oars and paddles.


A splendid panoramic view of the opening ceremony. [Photo/The publicity department of Jiangyan district]

Eight tribute boats from Jiangyan district, adorned with intricate designs and boasting exquisite craftsmanship, enthralled onlookers who eagerly sought to capture their beauty with their smartphones. Following the tribute boat procession were the lively dragon boats, each adorned with dragon-themed elements, symbolizing prosperity and abundance.

Among the rhythmic beating of drums and gongs, various racing boat teams from Jiangyan – as well as from neighboring counties and districts – engaged in exhilarating pursuits, igniting the passions of the entire audience. Additionally, the "Women's Army" rowing boat team displayed the spirited and heroic nature of the local lasses, showcasing their formidable skills.


Various race teams position themselves on Qinhu Lake. [Photo/The publicity department of Jiangyan district]

A significant highlight of this year's boat festival opening was the presence of a much younger crowd than in previous years – many of whom take active participation as oarsmen. More than 3,000 young individuals, with an average age of around 35, were selected for the boat race event.

The festival's opening ceremony was said to combine thrilling lakeside stage performances with waterborne boat displays – presenting Jiangyan's natural physical beauty, cultural charms, tourist attractions and folk customs in a simple yet grand manner.

In addition to the opening ceremony and the Qinhu Lake boat race, the district will also host a series of 19 events running to October – including musical festivals, wetland exploration activities, culinary experience events, and ancient town tours. 

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