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IOTSWC director looks to strengthen industrial cooperation with Wuxi

wndonline.cn Updated:2023-10-25



Marc Tarrago, director of the IoT Solutions World Congress, meets with government representatives of Xinwu district, Wuxi. [Photo/WeChat account: xinwu_wx]

Marc Tarrago, director of the IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), which is an influential IoT industry event held annually in Barcelona, Spain since 2015, paid a visit to Wuxi National Hi-tech District, or Xinwu district, on Oct 23.

Tarrago expressed his gratitude for the invitation to participate in the 2023 World Internet of Things Exposition held from Oct 20 to 23 in Wuxi. He said he had the opportunity to connect with several outstanding local companies during the expo, and noted that Wuxi, as the only national demonstration area for IoT innovation, boasts a robust industrial base and a healthy business environment. He expressed hope that more Wuxi and Wuxi High-Tech Zone IoT companies will participate in the event in Spain.

The IOTSWC has been focusing on advancing collaboration between IoT suppliers and industries as well as harnessing groundbreaking IoT technologies to transform industrial production.

Cui Rongguo, Party secretary of Xinwu district, said that Tarrago's visit would help further facilitate trade, investment and technological collaborations between Chinese and European IoT companies.

According to Cui, a delegation from the district attended the IOTSWC in late January of this year, marking the start of cooperation between Wuxi and Barcelona. He expressed hope that both sides will leverage the two major events to drive further exchange and cooperation in fields such as IoT, artificial intelligence, new energy, cloud computing, network security, big data, digital twins, and edge computing.

Wuxi National Hi-tech District, which is at the forefront of China's IoT industry, is currently home to over 1,600 IoT companies, and its IoT industry is worth more than 250 billion yuan ($34.23 billion), said Cui.