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WIoT 2023: Everything revealed in four days

wiotexpo.cn Updated:2023-10-24



The Wuxi Summit, the key and largest part of the exposition, was held at 9:00 am on Oct 21. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The World Internet of Things Exposition 2023, the largest IoT gala in China, yielded kaleidoscopic yet substantial fruits, further strengthening Wuxi's stronghold in the industry.

The exposition attracted 97,000 participants in total from Oct 20 to 23 with 522 exhibiting companies, 33 of them listed among the Fortune 500 and 54 of them overseas entities. It facilitated the birth of 53 major projects as well as four foreign-funded projects, a testament to the overwhelming momentum of the city's IoT development.

The projects covered a wide range of sectors such as vehicle-to-everything, the industrial metaverse and artificial intelligence, having expedited the societal digital transformation.

Mixing business conferences and academic salons under one roof, the expo invited over 5,000 guests, including 23 academicians and 216 professional experts and scholars, along with 762 executives. Multiple summits and forums were held as guests made insightful and themed speeches.

During the exposition, the autonomous minibus, named robobus, garnered the ultimate attention from visitors.

Empowered by the WIoT, Wuxi is committed to building a world-leading IoT industrial cluster that contributes to the nation's digital development.