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Other Activities

wiotexpo.cn Updated:2023-10-13


●       International Cooperation Summit on Intelligent Manufacturing

●       China-EU IoT Industry Cooperation Fair

●       Forum on General Artificial Intelligence Opening Up New Era of AIoT

●       China (Wuxi) Forum on IoT Industry Integration and Cooperation Forum & Pilot City's Enterprise Investment and Financing Roadshows (Wuxi Stop) 2023

●       "Huihai Bay" Forum on Small and Micro-sized Robots

●       China Mobile IoT Developer Conference 2023

●       Enterprise Digital Transformation Forum 2023

●       Shengteng AI Forum & Huawei Digital Summit (Wuxi)

●       Yangtze River Delta Cities and Jiangsu IoT Engineering Technicians Skills Competition 2023

●       2023 Jiangsu J-TOP IoT Innovation Challenge Season (Special Event in Wuxi)