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Services for exhibitors



Prices for booths (Click HERE to find out more)                                                                                

Prices for booths at the 2019 World Internet of Things Exposition: $2,680 per nine square meters for standard booths and $225 per square meter for open space booths.

Note: Standard booths include a signboard, posters, tables, chairs, display board, 220V power sockets, trash cans and blankets; open space booths occupy a minimum of 36 square meters and do not include display shelves, furniture or blankets.

Advertising service (Click HERE to find out more)  

In order to better serve exhibitors, the organizing committee of the 2019 World Internet of Things Expo -- WIOT -- offers customized advertisements to make sure they efficiently showcase their profile and products in all aspects at the event.

Outside Wuxi Taihu International Convention and Exhibition Center there are advertising walls for WIOT’s sponsors, advertising boards, advertisements on garages and inside the exhibition area. Advertising spaces include escalators, electronic screens, posters and robots.

Media service (Click HERE to find out more)  

Based on suggestions from its media partners, the expo’s organizing committee will offer exhibitors special promotional services, such as customized advertising, press briefings, interviews, live video streaming and international promotions.

Customized creative WIOT products  

The organizing committee has launched two kinds of creative products for the event, namely, stationery and products featuring the expo mascot named Wuxiaolian.

Mass procurement for customized WIOT products is available for exhibitors, including WIOT notebooks and pens, WIOT wallets, WIOT fountain pens, WIOT key chains, enterprise logos,  bookmarks and paper tapes, to serve as gifts for visitors to the event.

For more information, please contact Wu Zhenhua on: 13661547740

Hotel reservation

Affiliated hotels: Holiday Inn Wuxi Taihu New City, Holiday Inn Express

Price: Starting at 200 yuan ($29)

Contact: Zhang Zheming (13951513007), Ren Yun (18914161130)

Address: No 77 Qingshu Rd, Binhu district, Wuxi

Note: Affiliated hotels will offer exhibitors a discount. Please notify the hotel that you are an exhibitor at the 2019 WIOT when making your reservation.