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WIOT 2019

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2019-07-23


The 2019 World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT) is set to take place in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, from Sept 7 to 10. The 2019 edition of the event is expected to receive more than 10,000 guests from industrial, academic and political circles who will explore the hottest issues related to IoT, share their experiences in the IoT industry and analyze the development trends of the industry.

An exhibition to showcase IoT products and the latest IoT technologies and their applications will be held at the same time as the event, bringing together numerous multinational corporations and renowned manufacturers in the IoT industry.


1. IoT communication and platforms

New-generation communication products, including wireless WAN/LAN connections (5G, NB-IOT, LoRa), wired connections, satellite communications, quantum communications, integration of three networks; general capability platform for IoT, network infrastructure platform; big data software and service (collection, storage, processing, preparation, transaction sharing of big data); information security; cloud computing; artificial intelligence (computer vision, voice, natural language, intelligent robot technology and deep learning).

2. IoT sensors and chips

Design, manufacturing, package testing and integrated solutions for IoT core components (sensors, chips, microsystems, modules for IoT), IoT logo, high performance integrated circuits, new electronic materials, components and parts, and IoT security chips.

3. Intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet

Industrial internet platform, IoT technologies and solutions, solutions for digitalized management of enterprises, intelligent factories, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and industrial robots.

4. Intelligent transportation and internet of vehicles

Automatic driving, intelligent vehicles, new energy vehicles and charging piles, intelligent in-vehicle technologies, solutions for IoV V2X project, IoV-based information application platform, integrated solutions for intelligent transportation.

5. Intelligent life and consumer-level IoT

Intelligent household appliances, AR/VR equipment, wearable equipment, electronic entertainment equipment, 3D printing and other consumer-related IoT products; new retail platforms, intelligent vending machines, and unmanned supermarkets.

6. Intelligent city and industrial IoT

Solutions for intelligent city platforms, intelligent public services, intelligent government affairs, intelligent medical care, intelligent agriculture, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent energy, intelligent finance, intelligent legal affairs, intelligent tourism, intelligent sports, IoT industrial service (standardizing bodies, research, consultation, testing, certification, alliances, and associations in the field of IoT).