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Wuxi sauced spare ribs




Wuxi sauced spare ribs, 无锡酱排骨, Wuxi Jiang Pai Gu [Photo/wuxinews.com.cn]

The Wuxi sauced spare rib has been listed as one of the top three Wuxi specialties, together with the other two Wuxi specialties: water fried gluten puffs and Huishan clay. 

Wuxi locals affectionately call it "meat bone", which is 140 years old, since the reigning period of Emperor Guangxu during the Qing Dynasty (1875-1908). 

Wuxi sauced spare rib incisively and vividly show Wuxi's basic style of dish, made with fine materials, careful cooking, red color, crisp and soft meat, strong bone incense, thick juice, and salty-sweet taste.