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IoT washing machines installed in Wuxi

(en.wiotexpo.cn) Updated:2017-08-03


The first full-automatic washing machine was created by Wuxi's LittleSwan, China's leading washing machine producer in 1978. Since then, the company has brought convenience to thousands of households. Nowadays, the internet of things (IoT) has made the washing machines even more convenient.

Sensors in new washing machines help calculate the most appropriate ratio of laundry detergent and water based on the weight of clothes. Material sensors can also select the most appropriate washing mode according to the material of clothes. Water detectors can monitor if water is clean and safe, as well as assure wastewater meets relevant discharge standards.


The intelligent sound system receives a voice command to control the washing machine over the internet.[Photo/wxrb.com]

The internet can be used to connect the washing machine with an intelligent sound system or a mobile phone. When the user speaks to the sound system, it will control the washing machine. Similarly, a mobile phone can be connected to the washing machine by scanning the washing machine’s QR code. Therefore, users can operate the washing machine even when not at home.


A user scans the QR code of a washing machine and pays for laundry services. [Photo/wxrb.com]

Many universities and apartments have been equipped with the new intelligent washing machines. The user only needs to enter relevant official WeChat accounts to set the washing mode and pay for laundry services.